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Miscommunication is one of the most frustrating aspects of organizational life. Projects take longer than they should, people ask the same questions again and again, simple processes are over complicated, and team members don’t enjoy working together. When teams don’t communicate well, they underperform.

One study estimated the annual cost of miscommunication to be $26,000 per employee. Miscommunication is more than an annoying setback, it also has serious financial implications.

Underperformance due to internal struggles is demoralizing. There is no one blame and little hope things will improve. Leading a high performing team shouldn’t be this difficult.

I developed this masterclass to help. Most professionals have never received any formal communication training. They want to get better, they simply lack the tools to do so. This class gives professionals the tools they need to communicate with clarity so teams can stop underperforming and get back to surpassing expectations.

Content summary:

  1. The overlooked sources of miscommunication.

  2. The subtle attitude shifts that lead to better communication.

  3. A simple three step plan to use every day to improve clarity and reduce frustration.

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