• Adam Tarnow

Gifts for Leaders

When I Googled "leadership gifts" I was met with virtues a great leader possesses.

Well, That's one way to look at it, but here's another:

1. The Morning Brew - This one is a free email subscription: It's like USA Today meets the Wall Street Journal at a college fraternity party. All the big relevant business news you need, with a dash of humor and irreverence. My personal referral Link

2. Nine Lies About Work - the best business / leadership book I've read in the last five years. Link

3. Something cool from Daly Goods - (Order soon to get something in time for Christmas)Handmade leather goods that can be customized with logos (if you want). Journals, bookmarks, keychains. All are amazing and unique. Link

4. Aspiring Leaders Guide to the Future. Clay is a good friend and an incredible leader. He's spent loads of time thinking about the future of leadership and shares his insights in this book -- you can pre-order and get the book in January (a great first read for 2022.) Link

What would you have added to this list?

Got something good? Let me know and I'll add your recommendations to this list!

Keep leading with clarity!

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