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New Podcast Announcement!

You know what they say: You can take a boy from the podcast studio, but you can’t take the podcast studio... never mind. That doesn't work at all.

Well, I have some exciting news. This week I've joined forces with my good friend Clay Scroggins to launch a new podcast called How to Lead with Clay Scroggins and Adam Tarnow.

Many of you may recognize Clay's name. He's written a few books:

Why did we start this podcast? We've been friends for over fifteen years, and we wanted a fun way to celebrate our friendaversary. So, we decided to start a podcast.

Kidding. That would be so weird.

We started this podcast because we wish it would have existed twenty years ago. Kind of a strange reason but hear me out.

As young leaders, we both enjoyed learning from seasoned leaders. Jim Collins, Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Bill George, James Kouzes, Barry Posner. We read them all. We loved their insights and found them inspiring.

As a result, some of our episodes will feature seasoned leaders. You’ll enjoy hearing from the likes of Andy Stanley, Frank Blake, and Sheryl Sandberg.

However, as young leaders, we also had some issues with the seasoned leaders. Even though we found their insights and stories inspiring, we didn’t always know exactly how to apply their principles to our experience in the “cube farm trenches.”

As a result, some of our episodes will focus on specific issues facing today’s emerging leader. How do you have a hard conversation with your boss? How do you crush your first 90 days in a new role? How should you think about raises and bonuses? How do you leave a job well?

So, that’s why we started this podcast. To learn from seasoned leaders and share actionable content for emerging leaders.

There is one catch. Some episodes will be free, and some won’t.

Anytime we interview a seasoned leader, those episodes will be free. All other episodes will only be available to our premium subscribers. Fancy like Applebees, huh?

You have questions. I have answers…

How much does it cost to become a premium subscriber? Don’t worry, you won’t have to change apartments or sell your car. Our premium subscription is only $2.99 a month.

What does $2.99 a month get me? $2.99 will get you two exclusive episodes per month. Episodes that are clear, actionable, and a tad irreverent.

How will I know a new exclusive episode has been published? It will automatically show up in your feed.

Will I have to download a new app? No! Once you become a premium subscriber, just copy the RSS feed and add it to your favorite podcast app. It's that easy. (This YouTube video will guide you through all the steps).

What if I subscribe to both the free episodes and the premium ones? They will all show up in one place, but the premium episodes will say “premium” and the free episodes will not.

Why don't I hear your voice on this podcast? Clay recorded the free episodes a while ago. I'm in all the premium episodes and I'll be involved in all the other episodes starting with season two.

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